About 2017 Academy

2017 Academy

  • Creates partnerships
  • Encourages creativity and social dynamics
  • Connects students and creative businesses
  • Communicates knowledge and expertise about creative industries and creative economies 

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Target groups

  • Creative talents and projects
  • Creative clusters and communities
  • Creative organizations, institutions, industries, sectors


Overview of projects


  • 2017 Academy is a strategic partnership between VIA, AU and Aarhus 2017
  • 2017 Academy creates sustainability through partnerships and stakeholders
  • 2017 Academy delivers creative capacity, legacy, and development after 2017


Overview of partners

Entrance to development

  • 2017 Academy builds capacity to creativity in learning, industries and communities.
  • 2017 Academy cuts across professions, institutions, and sectors.
  • 2017 Academy co-creates development locally, regionally and internationally.


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2017 Academy – for creativity in education, business and community

VIA University College and Aarhus University has entered a strategic partnership with Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017 with the overall purpose to ensure that the impacts of Aarhus 2017 remain persistent through co-creation, the partnership rethinks the connection between education, art, culture and business to create growth and employment within the creative industries. 2017 Academy builds a bridge between institutions and partnerships through interdisciplinary projects, idea development, events, courses, education, workshops etc. We make collaboration into co-creation.



The creative industries are among the fastest growing sectors in the global economy and the creative sector has a specific political and societal attention in Central Denmark Region. The educational institutions contribute to the growth by supplying the business with suitable competences through joint efforts and in dialogue with the business life, cultural institutions and the community.


2017 Academy is a strategic partnership between The European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus University and VIA University College. In 2015, 2017 Academy received project financing from the 2017 Foundation to develop an education platform, a one-stop-shop with the aim to build capacity for creativity across educational institutions.


2017 Academy contributes by ensuring educational collaboration and in establishing closer ties between education and business life through e.g. development of further and postgraduate training. 2017 Academy also take part in ensuring floating switchovers from education to business life by – among other things – establishing incubation environments for master/bachelor students in their final year.

Therefore, 2017 Academy manages and develops agile and flexible education initiatives and teaching formats in order to rethink and develop the cultural and creative educations in a consecutive landscape of education that will strengthen the educational institutions’ attraction and competitiveness on a global labour market.   

2017 Academy is based on collaboration agreements between partner institutions and operates in accordance with the partners’ education structures and strategies so that they can shape up in a joint implementation and collaboration.

Lone Birkmose Bjerg
Mail: lbb@via.dk

Martin Hansen
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Marianne Ping Huang
Mail: mph@au.dk

Thorsten Høegsberg
Mail: thp@via.dk


Susanne Vilandt Agerbæk
Mail: sa@via.dk
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