rethinkIMPACTS reports

rethinkIMPACT’S reports are important results of the collaboration between Aarhus University and Aarhus 2017 on contributing with new knowledge to the many different aspects of being a European Capital of Culture. The reports will communicate the results of the different research and evaluation projects that will be accomplished in the period up to, during, and after 2017 as a part of rethink-IMPACTS 2017. The aim is to make this knowledge widely accessible.

’RETHINK’ as motivation?

2017 seen from the from the culture players’ perspective What has motivated chosen culture players to engage themselves in Aarhus 2017 and how do they relate to Aarhus 2017 and to the strategic objectives for the entire project? Read about author Marie Stensgaard Pedersen Read the report

Read more about the author Marie Stensgaard Pedersen here:

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Public development as institution development

The purpose of Public development as institution development has been to examine the opportunity to create institutional development and new knowledge that can be anchored in the organization through a collaboration between cultural institutions and research institutions.

Read about the author Ingrid Vatne here

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The Teaching Artist as Cultural LearningEntrepreneur: An IntroductoryConceptualization

Which and whose learning are we talking about? How
do we think of culture in this context? What do cultural learning activities consist in? What does it mean to be (or work as) a cultural learning entrepreneur? How do individuals become cultural learning entrepreneurs?

Read about the author Tatiana Chemi here

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Cultural and social entrepreneurship and innovation Abstract of the inquiry report

The report contains the results of one of the two strands in researching the need for and relevance of new bachelor education within Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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Growth Plan 2016-2020

With Growth Plan 2016-2020 Vækstforum implements the commercial part of the first 4 years period of the growth and development strategy for Central Denmark Region. The growth plan is made in close collaboration between all parties in Vækstforum.

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