STAK is like a fusion reactor

Instead of protons and neutrons, we merge creativity and education, and just like a fusion, it releases a large of amount of energy. At STAK, we use that energy to rethink the connections between knowledge, art, culture and enterprises to strengthen the creative industries in and around Aarhus and Aarhus as a cultural capital of the world.

STAK is short for ”Student Task Force for Creativity” and is a group of students from various educations. We represent VIA University College, Aarhus University and The Danish School of Media and Journalism and speak through the voices of the students.

Our goal is to spread the news that students and creative communities can be a mutual resource to each other. We do so by planning and running events and through the conveying of different projects through articles, videos, social media, websites, debate, pictures and other forms of creative output.

Vores mål er at udbrede budskabet om, at studerende og kreative fællesskaber kan være en gensidig ressource for hinanden. Og det gør vi gennem planlægning og eksekvering af events og projekter, som vi formidler i form af artikler, grafik, videoproduktioner, debat, og andre former for kreativt output.


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