2017 Academy is built on the cooperative values and the principles of the Danish Cooperative Movement and has knowledge and relations as primary resources:

The individual cooperative member offers knowledge, relations and resources as a binding share of a co-creation that takes place democratically. The objective is new strong partnerships, value chains and value creation, which will support and go beyond the interests of the individual stakeholder.

2017 Academy acts across institutions, sectors and industries to enhance the capacity for creativity, for the individual as well as for the communities. The aim is to activate and convey knowledge and new models to regional, national, and international communities through educational activities, workshops, conferences, and un-conferences, which will also attract international partners and visitors.

2017 Academy will document the co-creation of new knowledge and new models, initiated by the members of the cooperative movement through numerous activities and projects in the three 2017 Academy-strands.

Ultimately, 2017 Academy works to ensure a legacy for future Capitals of Culture and strengthen the sustainability and impact of the cultural and creative sectors and their positions after 2017.

2017 Academy thus contributes to a transformation of economic, social, political, and aesthetic values through culture, art, and creativity, and enhances the co-created prosperity and participatory citizenship on a European platform.

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