Knowledge is developed, distributed and disseminated through learning and research activities, students and industries. Civil society and communities are, however, very seldom included in such processes.

Inspired by the Creative Neighborhoods project in Liverpool in 2008, 2017 Academy will prioritize community building as means to share and co-create knowledge and experiences.

The Community strand will build upon and encourage towards active citizenship, intercultural understanding, and diversity as sources for social cohesion, and further, for ensuring the retention of creative talents.

2017 Academy will invite citizens of the region to take part in knowledge dissemination, debates and production focusing on the future state of society – challenges, possibilities and solutions.

2017 Academy will contribute to the “opening up” of the campuses in the region, based on the idea, that Central Denmark Region – where several of the largest learning institutions and knowledge-intensive industries in Denmark are located – can strengthen its position as a European driver of knowledge creation, innovation and growth through the involvement of local, national and international communities.

In Aarhus and Central Denmark, it is of crucial importance to work with community building as part of the creation of good environments for study, work and life. As a part of this work, 2017 Academy launches and supports intercultural initiatives to help introduce Danish culture to international students.

Learning institutions, Central Denmark Region, regional municipalities, local communities and international networks

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